Monday, May 5, 2014

"Sweet Talk Intervention" by Mach22

For your approval, I have put forth the debut album of Mach22, a hard rock band from Philadelphia, PA.

It's with a bit of hesitation that the label "hard rock" is used, because this band is arena rock through and through, but at this stage of the game, it is not easy to see them packing a 15,000 seat arena, or even a 7,500 seat arena.

(Rockford, I'm looking at you and the Big Orange Box.)

The band is self releasing this album.

Bands that take it on themselves get a large amount of respect from me, and honestly, their albums always get special consideration from me. This album was recorded in Nashville, Tenn. and produced by Jeff Labar, so there's the arena rock cred.

Look at the hair on that know which one.
This album opens up with some thumping great guitar work. The tone is that perfect Les Paul of the 70's sound. Just a bit easier on the ears than Ace Frehley, and a bit heavier than the Jimmy Page.

The guitarists appear to be fans of Guns'n'Roses, but more importantly Slash.

The vocalist quickly reminds me of the singer from Vintage Trouble, but more versatile and more willing to take chances. Like quick little rap breaks here and there.

His voice adds a great color to an already interesting band. He is willing to push his voice to grit when called for and he has a very sensitive quality on the record's ballads. The lyrics underscore a wry sense of humor.

The choruses tend to be a bit anthemic. The guitars are huge. The vocalist sounds larger than life. The bass pounds and the drums build the fortress on which the whole thing is built.

Mach 22 doesn't try to reinvent the arena/hard rock wheel, but when they do it, they don't sound like anyone else, even though their influences are worn proudly on their sleeves.

Release: 5/6/14
Genre: Rock, Arena Rock
Label: DIY
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Track list:
1. Constant Denier
2. Go Ahead
3. Don't You Give Me
4. I'm Just a Man
5. Stone Rose
6. Backslider
7. Made To Love
8. Radio
9. One Trick Pony
10. Nevermind


  1. I'd listen to it solely because they're self-releasing. I'd want to support their efforts

    1. It's such a catchy'll groove to it.

      I get some DIY stuff sent my way from artists and from PR companies, and I try to give them deferential treatment...because that's hard stuff!