Friday, May 9, 2014

"Calculations of the Ancients" by Super Massive Black Holes

This is another Canadian metal band. For some reason, I never consider The Great White North when thinking of finding new metal bands.

Every time I have been north of these United States I have found the Canadian people to be polite, friendly, and not really all that angry.

I suppose I'd be less angry to if I knew that every sixer of Molson Export Ale I bought went to help pay for my health insurance...

Here we have their debut record. This is the chance to jump onto a bandwagon that has yet to even be built! Don't miss out.

It's really hard to describe what sort of band this is, which is great. In the end, they are a metal band, but not a garden variety of any sort....unless you're a fan of Tosin Abasi...

Let's get jazzy! Jazz hands up!
By and large, this is an instrumental record. Yes, there are vocals and there are lyrics, but they are intermittent at best. It reminded me very much of the lyrics on Canto III or The Astronaut.

Like those bands, Super Massive Black Holes does not stick to a single style. Certainly the vocals are metal enough. They sound like a demon coming to drag you down, but the music, is different.

In fact it's always different.

To say they're a progressive band is an understatement. To say that their music falls off the edge of buildings is an understatement.

I cannot properly state just how mind blowing their musical changes are. From open chords on an acoustic guitar to thundering blast beats and wildly expressive solos.

It's all here. From metal to jazz to rock to everything in between. It's as if these four people have a hive mind. there is no other way to describe this.

Fans of Animals As Leaders who love vocals will find a lot to like and fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan who prefer songs to be more structured and varied will find even more to like.

Release: 4/29/14
Genre: Metal, Prog Metal
Label: Minotauro Records
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Track list:
1. (Sub-molecular) Transmogrification of the Oriphy
2. Dyatlov Pass Incident
3. ∞÷µ (interlude)
4. Distance to the Great Attractor
5. Holographic Principle
6. Mathematics of Emotion
7. Refracted Kaleidoscopic Photons
8. Ghosts of Bhopal
9. Lift the Veils

Bandcamp Link $7 Download

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