Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Future Former Self" by Chappo

Before you read anything, please click the album cover to the left. It's one of the coolest covers I've seen in a long time and seeing it for the first time today all blown up...well it's just awesome and you need to see it big.

Now that you've been properly wowed by the cover, let's move forward. Do you remember our friends from Chappo? These fellows are from Brooklyn, NY and make some sort of music that's kind of hard to make out what it really is.

There's some Doors in there. There's a little Jimi Hendrix in there, but just a little. Then there's the vocalist and there's really no telling what that man is doing or who his influences were. It doesn't feel like this band is a sum of anyone else's parts. Very often, we can listen to a band and pick out why sound like this, or why they used that drum fill, or how they got that guitar sound, but Chappo defies that.
The fellas from Brooklyn.

This is the second album of theirs that has made it into my musical library and purview, but to this day I cannot tell you what in the world they are. So rarely does a band come along that defies convention and categorization.

For lack of any better terms, Chappo is a pop rock band. The use flowing guitars, computer sounding drums, and they are heavily vocal driven. There are no long musical interludes and not a single guitar solo that was apparent to me, much less any face melting shreds.

The music is mellow and powerful. The guitars feel like the river that carved the Grand Canyon, small, flowing, and unyielding. There are a number of chord progressions that just fold back unto themselves creating a base of power.

This is an album that will grow on you after every listen. If you have ever said that all new, old, etc music sounds the same and you want to hear something different, Chappo has an album for you.

Release: 3/4/2014
Genre: Rock, Pop
Label: Rouse Records
Run time: 43:00
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1) Hello
2) Hang On
3) I'm Not Ready
4) I Don't Need The Sun
5) Run Me Into The Ground
6) Mad magic
7) Hey-O
8) Something's Ringing
9) Orange Afternoon
10) Ghetto Weekend

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