Monday, February 23, 2015

Album Review: "The Existential Codex" by Monsterworks

The Existential Codex
How many bands are there that just never seem to put out enough music?

Is there really anything worse than a band getting onto the five year plan? When a band I love only does any real work every four to five years, frankly that sucks.

When it's a band I find particularly compelling, it's very off putting. 

Especially since we are no longer in the age of two to three years on the road in support of an album. I can't understand why so many bands don't get rig back to it and keep us interested.

Most tours nowadays don't last much more than two or three months, then we wait. If you don't get to see them in your town, the wait is even longer.

Well, Monsterworks is nothing like that. They are always working on new music. 

When an album is done, they're already working on the next, or have it in the can. This is the third album of theirs that I've had the pleasure to review. 

This album, like the others I've heard is very much all over the place.

Their unpredictability is wonderful. From full on death metal, to soft acoustic, it's all in here.

Even more interesting is the vocals. Like the guitars, they never stop changing.

Deep growls, screeching, and soft emotional phrasing, again it's all in here. 

How one band can have so much differentiation in their music is hard to even conceptualize. The expanses traversed in their music are so vast it would take a full week by train to get from one side of the record to the other. 

Each song almost sounds like an entirely different band. Any music lover in search of a rollercoaster ride will find few better than what Monsterworks serves up every four to six months.

What makes Monsterworks so great is that they don't have a style.

Their style is all of them.

Release: 2/27/15
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Eat Lead & Die Music

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