Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Album Review: "Ride" by Motor Sister

One of the most interesting thing about running this little blog is not just learning of kick ass new bands, but getting a look into kick ass bands of the past.

This review is a little of column A and a little of Column B. 

Motor Sister is the result of a birthday present from Pearl Aday (yup, Meatloaf's daughter) to her husband, Scott Ian (yup of Anthrax).

There's an old power trio Ian loved, Mother Superior. Personally, I wasn't remotely familiar with them.

So enter Mother Superior frontman, Jim Wilson, who works with Aday. Then toss in a few friends who enjoy rocking out and then there's a pickup gig with Ian, Wilson, and others playing these old tunes and loving it.

Metal Blade Records happened to have been there and thought that putting this out as an album would be the smartest thing in the world to here we are. 

Motor Sister
As it's not Mother Superior, the band chose the title of one of their tunes in to name themselves after: Motor Sister.

This album is full on 70's styled Arena Rock. It's bigger than life and full of piss and vinegar.

Between the rough and tumble guitar riffs, we find a wah drenched solo and the wails of a devoted fan of David Coverdale.

Guitar solos abound and they sound like nothing I've heard before. 

They're unrestrained and played with the reckless abandon of a young man itching to show the world what he can do. In fact that's a great way to describe this entire record.

It's an album played by men who've made it and have nothing to prove, but they're determined to prove something to you.

Pearl, thank you for your birthday present to Scott, because now it's a present for all of us.

Release: 3/10/15
Genre: Arena Rock
Label: Metal Blade 

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