Monday, February 16, 2015

"True Prayer" by Santiparro

True Prayer
It's been a long time since I've reviewed an album like Santiparro's True Prayer.

In fact it's been a very long time since even heard something like this.

But here we are and I'm taking it for a spin and I think it's worth telling you all about it.

A little history on our subject is in order first. This album was funded via a kickstarter campaign. That is completely and utterly awesome.

I say this as someone still waiting for that album I helped fund to drop....

After a spiritual awakening in 2007, our friend started really getting things moving including starting an educational center called Golden Drum under the tutelage of Shaman Maestro Manuel Rufino.

What can I say? This is an interesting dude.

This is what I would call an airy album.

The vast majority of the sounds on this record are created by a vocal and a guitar.

There is even very little percussion.

There are no guitar solos, no drum fills, no bass licks, and no crushing breakdowns here.

Aside from the main vocal, there are strong harmonies that back up the main.

From time to time a bass guitar will back up the acoustic arpeggios and an electric will pop in dropping a little crunchiness on the track, but that's just garnish.

Consider this album to be a meal.

The main course of this album would be the vocal tracks and the side dish would be the acoustic guitar. Here and there, something else will pop up to change the flavor and give it a little bit of spice.

This is not pop, rock, indie, or even folk music. I can only call it a vocal album, but it features several little additions that give it a good amount of flair.

Release: 2/24/15
Genre: Vocal
Label: Gnome Life Records
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  1. Another very interesting album to check out, thanks again Nik!