Monday, February 9, 2015

Album Review: "For The Duration of Psychiatric Treatment" by Charming Timur

For the Duration of Psychiatric Treatment
I will admit to being a bit behind in my work and my writing, and for that I apologize, but I am working to catch back up...and I always do.

Yes this album is already out and I didn't give you the advance peak, but I think it's worth it to check out last month today.

Today we are checking out something all the way from the hockey mad country of Finland...birthplace of Duck great, Teemu Selanne!

This album is a strange mix of style and genre. In the promo email I received, it was referred to as a musical planewreck.

Charming Timur is the brainchild of Lauri Santeri Lohi of Helsinki. This "band" is a solo project in the true sense of the word. Mr. Lohi (Santeri? Santeri Lohi?) plays all of the instruments on this album at expert levels.

Lauri Santeri Lohi
It's always fun to hear something new and unexpected. Now, being honest, when I saw the title of this album, I did wonder if he was trying too hard.

Like  the lady in the office who claims she's the crazy one... You understand right?

Well, I'm happy to announce that this album is nucking futs.

It starts off with this esoteric song that sounds like it was recorded through a SCUBA tank...but that's the only song that sounds like that.

This album and these songs change genres faster than ... faster than...well I can't think of an appropriate simile as to how fast it changes.

It's that fast! Between autotuned pop, post modern instrumentals, metalcore vocals, black metal, and arena rock. It's hard to peg this thing down.

Obviously, this is an avant garde album, but unlike many others, there are still songs and it's still a very listenable record for those who don't prefer to hear utter strangeness.

It's crazy, but with a pop sensibility or at least a foundation in the rules of music. Even when it's out there, it's still music.

Release: Out Now
Genre: ???
Label: DIY
Bandcamp Link

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