Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Album Review: "The American Dream Died" by Agnostic Front

The American Dream Died
Time for some real talk about yours truly.

Whereas I've checked out a punk record or two and even a punk concert or two, I'm not what I'd consider to be a fan of punk rock.

I also really don't have a handle on what Hardcore is. I do have a pretty good grasp on Crossover....I think....

So, besides all of that, there's 16 year old me at the Metal Edge in July of 1992.

My cousins' friends, Crucible, are playing there opening for a band I'd  never heard of...Agnostic Front.

Hell, at the time I didn't even know what agnostic meant, but days were fuzzier back then.

It's only kind of fitting, since I've reviewed and interviewed a man I saw in concert that same week, that'd I'd be doing that again with another band I saw in concert back then.

Long time warriors, Agnostic Front
The American Dream Died starts off with precisely the kind of thing you would think it should...anger and bitterness.

Like many of those on the fringes of metal and punk, there's a great disdain for the 1%.

The anger seethes, bubbles, and sometimes, but not often, explodes.

The vocals are bit higher in the register than many would suspect. Sort of between Suicidal Tendencies and D.R.I.

They're definitely heavier than Suicidal, but not as metal as D.R.I. Agnostic Front kind of found a sweet spot here that I've never heard another band hit.

The songs are faster than mid-tempo and not quite as fast as up-tempo music. Another landing spot that other bands haven't seen much of.

The music is very aggressive, very brash, and thunderous. Anyone looking for musical grandiosity will not find it  here. They have created a crushing, cursing, groove.

If you're a Wisconsin congressman who needs something to listen to on his workout to get the blood flowing, or if you're angry at the status quo, you'll find lots to love about this music, and maybe a few things to change about this country.

Release: 4/7/15
Genre: Hardcore
Label: Nuclear Blast
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