Friday, March 20, 2015

Album Review: "Disaster Strikes Back" by Bloodrocuted

Disaster Strikes Back
Remember your young and carefree days?

I surely do...ish.

Picture your life at age 13. I was a in junior high school and talked about buying a guitar and being in a band. I did listen to a lot of music back then.

We played sports and whatever else...I mean nothing else.

But imagine you were 13 years old and you started a band. Then two years later, you finally flesh it out to a full group.

Then after that, at age 16 you record and release a debut album and begin playing with scores of great bands in your genre.

I suppose as an encore you could release a killer sophomore album and go on tour right?

OK, I'll address the elephant in the room for me.

Maybe they don't have the best band name in the world, but we don't all have the best name. Hell, I know this music website that has a pretty terrible name....

This album kicks off with a metalization of Samuel L. Jackson's speech from Pulp Fiction.

That's a great way to start.

From there it just goes off. The young men from Bloodrocuted betray their young age with well crafted and executed songs, far more along than many of the peers at present, much less when their contemporaries were younger than twenty one.

The riffs are chunky and full. The solos are the long sought after mix of shredding and melodic playing. Only Joe Bonamassa can do this better than our new friends.

The vocals are that compressed thrash sound. The wheel's patent remains unchallenged, but we all arrive at the destination safely. (Was that too obscure?)

The rough gallop of this band, combined with their virtuosity at such an early age makes me excited for their future endeavors, but it would be foolish to look past this amazing album.

Release: 3/30/15
Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Punishment 18 Records
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