Monday, March 30, 2015

Interview: Bloodrocuted's Bob Briessinck Gives Me The Lowdown

A couple weeks ago, I published my review on Bloodrocuted's sophomore effort, Disaster Strikes Back.

Aside from its quality, I could not get away from how young the members of this band are, but not in a Hanson sort of way, but in a comparison.

When I think of bands that came before them Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, etc.

It's amazing to see how far ahead of the game these young men are in comparison. Listen to the seminal classic Kill'Em All and you'll hear a band playing very simple riffs trying to find their way. 

Yes Lightning is a better comparison, but consider that Metallica were 3 years older than Bloodrocuted are now when Metallica recorded Kill'Em All. Just take the debut records of any of the Big Four and see if they compare....

Glacially Musical: Who are you top five bands/influences?

Bob Briessinck:

Our top 5 influences are:
- Suicidal Angels
- Fueled By Fire
- Slayer
- Testament
- Sodom

GM: I can't get past not how young you are, but how advanced your music is for such a young age. How in the world did you get to this point so quickly?

BB: Well the bassplayer and I were 13 when we first started to jam together. 

But we were only 16 when we found a decent line up and then we recorded the first album 'Doomed To Annihilation'. Then we had the luck to play with bands such as Skeletonwitch and Melechesh, which were prettt good gigs.

 Also, thanks to Bob's father who drove us around Belgium for the gigs, we couldn't have got anywhere without him. But, without our amazing bandmates, we would be nothing. 

GM: How much do you guys practice your instruments?

BB: We have band practice 1 time a week. But we practice a lot at home, except for Daan. He's lazy ass motherfucker. ( no, that's not true. ) 

GM: How did you learn to play?

BB: I had lessons, when I was 12, from the lead guitar player of Diablo Blvd. After that I had lessons from Fré, he was in a band called In Vain, which I joined later. 

GM: Where do you find your inspiration for your music?

BB: I listen to music all the time. Not only metal, but also blues and new wave. 

This gives me a lot of new ideas about songs. I am starting at a song, I have some riffs ready, but I think I'm going to use some black metal influences now. 

GM: When you're not practicing or playing, what do you do in your downtime?

BB: I work a lot, in fact I work all day. Or I am driving/delivering for my parents' company, or I am doing electrician stuff in the company, and in the evening we deliver the washed laundry for Emirates Airlines and Brussels Airlines. 6 days a week. 

GM: Any plans to cross the pond and play for some Americans?

BB: We hope to! If we get booked, why not? It's way too expensive to manage it ourselves, but if we would get booked, sure. 

GM: Pick one song off your latest album, and tell me the story behind it?

BB: I have so much to say, every single song has it's story! I'll pick Consumer of Death. 

It's about the consumption addiction the people have today. We buy so much, everything is packed in plastic, has plastic labels and has plastic bags, just to say 1 thing out of thousands that is ruining the planet. 

We were on the bus to Wacken Open Air Germany, and we were driving at the highway past a industrial company, you could see the black smoke everywhere. Daan, our bass player and lyric writer, saw it, and he just said "shit dude, this is sickening me. I have to write lyrics about it. "

And after 15 minutes, the entire lyrics of Consumer of Death were written. 

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