Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Album Review: "Bloodsuckers" by Vamps

Otaku Mode Engaged. 

Like Canada, Japan has always held a lot of intrigue for me. I grew up watching many anime (often times without knowing it), samurai movies, ninja movies, etc. 

In 4th grade we had a Japanese Springboard teacher. In the St. Louis City Public School District, they were people who lived in other cultures and came to teach us about them.

It was the first time I'd learned about Obon.

Today, we have a Japanese rock band that's currently based out of New York City.

Vamps have come together from the bands L'Arc~en~Ciel and Oblivion Dust. Bloodsuckers their first album under the brand new moniker. I think most of my readers are aware that I tend to shy way from albums with provocative covers, but I just couldn't help myself on this one.

Each time I take in a band from another culture, I tend to listen for the DNA stamp that we can never remove.

As expected, the lyrics are in English, but there's a touch of the Japanese accent, but just a touch.

Aside from heavy rock guitars, there are many other sounds. Even Marty Friedman couldn't help but take in some of the sounds of sugary sweet Japanese Pop music.

But, not to say that we're talking about another Babymetal here. There's just a little bit of that Japanese imprint that they can't shake off.

It gives their music a very distinct flavor.

The songs are all pretty much rockin' away. There's  nothing slow or ballady here. The Vamps are just ready to rock all the time.

As mentioned, their music feels different. By no means did I expect this album to sound anything like it does, but that's a very good thing for someone like me.

I greatly enjoy music that's left of center and somewhat surprising.

The only way I could describe this music would be modern rock influenced by industrial that was influenced by J-Pop.

You really need to hear it to understand.

Release: 3/24/15
Genre: Rock
Label: Spinefarm Records

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