Friday, April 3, 2015

Album Review: "Gateway To The Antisphere" by Sulphur Aeon

Gateway to the Antisphere
Ah, Deustchland!

How we enjoy your lagers and my Gunners enjoy some of your top footballers.

Pretzels with beer was a good idea too.

It would be nice if we had your train systems here, but I suppose we'll just have to keep hoping that the USA will finally adopt rail travel...

Today we're enjoying the sophomore release of Sulphur Aeon.

Their debut album, Swallowed By The Ocean's Tide, followed a series of EPs, splits, and a demo. It's been over two years since they released that record.

Now, we're in 2015 and the dreaded sophomore LP. Let's dig into it shall we?

Sulphur Aeon
Like most death metal albums, there's a 90 second, more or less, intro track that really gets the album started.

Consider it an overture.

When the music proper begins, the drummer sounds like he's about to explode in a ball of kinetic energy.

He leaves no potential energy on the shelf.

Much of the riffing from this band comes from the drums. Aside from the required blast beats, hammer like snares, and assorted cymbals, he adds to the texture of the song.

The guitars are fairly melodic, though a bit shorter on the solos than I personally like.

Their sound is modern and precise. They seamlessly switch between single not melody lines and thundering chord progressions. The latter are a bit different than standard fare.

They leave space between the progressions and it gives the music an interesting quality not often found in metal. Instead of layering the music with more and more, they add a bit less saturation of sound and create something vastly different.

The singer growls and shouts all over the mid-range in a semi-intelligible delivery that never detracts from the music and sounds like he actually wrote lyrics before entering the booth, unlike far too many death metal bands.

This is a dynamic record that steers clear of the sophomore jix and just rocks from start to finish.

Release: 4/3/15
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Van Records/Imperium Productions (joint release)
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