Friday, April 24, 2015

Album Review: Self Titled Debut from Wicked Inquisition

Wicked Inquisition
I can remember a time when music like this no longer existed. When Doom Metal/Original Metal/Whatever was a thing of the past.

It was that stuff Sabbath did so long ago.

Over the years many different bands have some along playing that original metal, or Transitional Metal as I'm going to start calling it.

It was heavy and dark, but there was still some Jimi Hendrix and Cream in the riffing. It was still a shade on the peace and love side, at least musically.

Today, we've got a group of young men from Minnesota who're finally releasing their debut record for us: Wicked Inquisition. Like the masters of the genre, their band, debut album, and a song all have the same name.

Minnesota Wrecking Crew: Wicked Inquisition
Naturally this music is very riffy. Of course the vocals aren't brutal or angry.

There are no blast beats coming from the drummer.

The staccato rhythms give ways to rests in the riffs keeping the listener off balance and waiting for the payoff of brutality, which never comes and always left me wanting.

That's what Wicked Inquisition does best.

They leave you wanting more. More riffs, more solos, more anger...and you'll always be listening to the next song, the next album, the next anything.

If I found out the drummer was telepathically controlling the rest of the band, I wouldn't be surprised in the least. These four gents play in such synchronicity I've begun to wonder if they've missed their calling as Olympic synchronized swimmers.

Wicked Inquisition sets themselves apart from the current stoner/doom metal pack in two ways:

1) The Led Zeppelin effect. Their music has that swing that so many heavy bands cannot begin to write. Instead of just riff after riff, there's a movement to the music and your head will start to bob.

2) Metallica inspired tone. I wouldn't say that there's any strong Metallica influence in terms of their music, but the guitars have that ESP + EMG + Mesa/Boogie sound that we all grew to love in the 80's and 90's.

I'm ready to hear some more.

Release: 5/08/15
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Tridroid Records
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