Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Interview: Deathblow, Metal In The LDS Vatican

Last week, I published my review of Deathblow's latest album.

Obviously I liked it and I wanted to get some more information from them and see what it's like to be them.

Deathblow is a modern thrash metal band. In the past 15 years, thrash went from that thing Metallica and Megadeth used to play into a full blown re-revolution.

I've always been a fan of thrash metal, well most metal really besides black metal, and it's been very refreshing to see what's happening in metal.

We talked about the state of thrash, the re-release of Decline of Western Civilization Part 2, influences, and whatever else I could think of!

But enough with my talking...let's see what they had to say shall we?

Glacially Musical: I like to look at where bands are from to see how their sound is influenced by it, so I have to ask...what's the metal scene like in Salt Lake City?

Deathblow: Surprisingly vibrant. 

I think touring bands are usually surprised when they come through for the first time to find out there’s actually a lot of people that support heavy metal. 

There are a lot of diverse metal and punk bands and the scene isn’t nearly as subdivided as a lot of other ones we’ve seen on the road. As long as it’s heavy, a lot of the same people will come out to support touring and local bands.

GM: What's the last album you purchased either online or at a store?

DB: I haven’t bought it (yet), but I’ve really been digging John Carpenters, ‘Lost Anthems’ album.
 It’s got a lot of synthy, 80’s movie soundtrack-esque songs. 
GM: How long have you guys been playing and what's your musical background?

DB: We’ve all been playing music before Deathblow was formed but the band formed in 2008 under the name, ‘Dethblo’. 

We were initially an after school, cover band, covering the likes of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Slayer and Death. 

After a few gigs we started writing our own songs. The band kind of went on hold when most of us relocated from Logan, Utah to Salt Lake City. 

After nearly a year we reformed with different members and started gigging on a regular basis.

GM: What would you say is the state of Thrash Metal in 2015?

DB: Most people will tell you the hay day of thrash was in the 80’s, and they’re right, however, that doesn’t make it any less relevant today. 

There have been a ton of thrash metal bands coming out in the last decade, some great, and some very generic but there’s always room for more. 

The world always has a need for fast, crazy, aggressive music and whether it’s ‘in’ or ‘not in’ nobody who truly cares gives a fuck because the real metal fans can’t get enough.

GM: What do you think of the term Neo-Thrash?

DB: Not much really, just a term used to separate a genre from one period of time from another. 

Other terms I’ve heard a lot recently; ‘retro-thrash’, ‘toxic-thrash’, ‘pizza-thrash’. Thrash metal is what it is, if you like a bands music listen to it despite what sub-sub-genre it’s labeled in.

GM: What are your tour plans and why did you skip St. Louis? (I'm just assuming, 80% of tours skip here.)

DB: Haha! We were planning on hitting the East Coast this June but we’re quickly changing those plans to hit the West Coast instead. 

We’ve actually never been out East of Salt Lake City yet. I’ve never been to St. Louis, nor do I know much about the metal scene there. 

If someone will book us a show in St. Louis we’ll play there when we tour out east.

GM: Can you pick one song off the album and tell me the story behind it?

DB: Sure, Beyond Obsession; Wrote that one after listening to a lot of Sodom and Carcass. 

Wanted a song that wasn’t too complicated and it’s one of the few songs on the album where we didn’t use riffs that we had sitting around for a while. Once we came up with the verse the rest followed. 

The title was taken from… That’s right, ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’. It’s what he/she mutters to herself when she’s at the pool spying on her family. For some reason I thought that would be a cool name for a song. 

The lyrics for this one were incredibly hard but got a little inspiration from Akira.

GM: If you weren't playing music, what are you best suited to do?

DB: Probably be a hobo in the woods…or maybe a fisherman. Yes, I do like the sea.

GM: With the re-release of Decline of Western Civilization Part 2 coming...can you tell me your favorite scenes or lessons from that documentary?

DB: Oh of course! 

The scene where Chris Holmes chugs the bottle of whisky in the swimming pool with his mom watching…Completely ridiculous. 

It’s been a while though definitely need to watch re-watch all of those, never even saw the 3rd one.

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