Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Album Review: "Crypt of the Devil" by Six Feet Under

Crypt of the Devil
Normally around these pages I do not review much that comes from the Big Boys and Girls.

When I reviewed Arch Enemy's latest, folks disagreed with me because they felt that album had been done before, but I hadn't listened to them in many years.

So I heard the album with new ears I suppose. I also like to spread the word on smaller, new bands too.

Now, I decided I was going to check this album out. Frankly, what I'm about to say is going to make me seem uncool...but Lester Bangs wasn't it's cool.

I had no idea Chris Barnes was in Six Feet Under. I really just had no clue. I was also awed to learn that this is their eleventh album. That's crazy. So, here we are. We'll consider this review to be an antidote to my ignorance.

Chris Barnes of Six Feet Under
One of the things about this album that gives me a smile is that Barnes wrote this album with the bassist from Cannabis Corpse...

Like other albums I've checked out recently, Crypt of the Devil, has no preamble.

It quickly and violently begins without the classic death metal overture.

The guitars are made of the purest death metal and sound like heaven. If there was ever a setting for death metal on a Line Six Amp, this record should be the template.

I don't want to say they seldom have lead breaks, but I often found myself waiting for them. Thankfully each time the lead guitars came out, I was never left wanting. Though not overly technical in terms of notes, the harmonies, and melodic solos were more than satisfying.

The rhythms were also top notch. The drummer and guitarists played as one single entity beating along. When any band can play on the same rhythm, it always ups the quality for me.

Vocally, well, what can we expect from one of the most famous voices in the genre? Thick, angry, and a little computery.... His rhythmic vocals blended in well as the voice of the monster.

Release: 5/5/15
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Blade
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