Friday, May 1, 2015

Album Review: "Addicted To Murder" by Drown In Blood

Addicted To Murder
It's amazing how Europe has a great metal scene.

It's also interesting to see what Americans did to the, originally, English creation of heavy metal.

What would happen if a band from Europe, let's say Milan, Italy to be precise, took the American version of death metal and made it their own?

I consider American Death Metal to be the Tampa Bay style. The blast beats, the heavy snare, and the throaty, but "articulate" growls of pretty awful (awesome) scenes.

Well, we're taking a look at an Italian band today who has done just that. Though European, they are playing American Styled Death Metal. (My personal favorite genre of metal...specific I know.) Formed in 2010, today we have their first full length release and the follow up to their EP, Blood Feast.

Drown In Blood
Another death metal band that has chosen to eschew the convention of the overture.

These songs serve no real purpose other than to annoy me when they come up on shuffle.

Drown In Blood has done a great job in creating their own sound and style, though heavily influenced by the greats.

The guitars switch between high velocity single note lines and rumbling chord progressions. They don't fall into the trap of playing one or the other giving their songs a more dynamic feel.

They have excelled at crafting a truly dynamic album without the use the over the top solos, but there are the odd bass breaks. Like many great bands, there's truly no star of the show here. The five members work in concert to craft heavy, dynamic songs.

Between changing up their tempos, vocals, and guitar styles, this album satisfies from the beginning to the end.

Release: 4/27/15
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Punishment 18
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