Friday, May 29, 2015

Album Review: "Uncertain Process" by Prion

Uncertain Process
Death metal to me has always been the purest form of music.

If it's faked, it's terrible.

If the vocals are to cliched, it's terrible. (Yes the vocals do matter in death metal. I can't tell you how many albums I've heard with just awful death metal growls that I've just turned off.)

If you can't play your instruments at a high level, yeah, it's terrible.

On top of that, no death metal band is ever going to fill an arena in the United States, much less a large theater. It's all about the passion, the anger, and the desire to speak.

Today, we're reviewing the upcoming album by Argentina's Prion. This first album since their 2008 release. The physical CD will also come with a live DVD filmed last year in their home country.

Prion takes neither time nor prisoners on this album.

Interestingly enough, none of the tracks seem to have long drawn out intros.

There are no arpeggios to lull the listener into a false sense of security, no long melodic solos, and certainly nothing remotely like a ballad.

These songs are heavy, fast, and crushing.

The all begin from nothing and end on nothing. Count it off and the song is on. There are nice melodic breaks, but nothing longer than a measure or two. Indulgent solos seem to have been verboten during the writing of this album.

This is just three angry men channeling every piece of hurt, loss, and hunger into the tracks. This album may not feature the flamboyant musicality of many of their peers, but it wants for no honesty.

Start to finish this album is awesome.

Release: 6/2/15
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Comatose Music
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