Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Interview: Michael Dolan of The FTW, 'I am no Steve Harris'

Micheal Dolan
Recently, I checked out the new album by The FTW.

Unlike a few of the other bands I've come across recently like Raven and Venom, they're a rock band, but like those bands... they fit right into the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

I suppose if Entombed AD can play Death'n'Roll, then The FTW can play NewWaBaRoll....

Why not?

I wanted to know a bit more about this band and the man behind the Rickenbacker bass, Michael Dolan.

We talk about the normal stuff....where does the music come from? How did you concoct this music, and also what he gave up to pursue a life of music.

Glacially Musical: Let's start of easy and boring. What happened that made you think, I need to write a song?

Micheal Dolan: I have been writing songs for so long now that it's just a part of my being. I don't know what comes over me .

But when I am inspired I get out the pen.

GM: Who are your top five influences?

MD: My influences aren't all just bands and people. 

I am very inspired of course by Motorhead. The Cro-Mags demo tape, Jack Kirby's artwork , Motorcycles and low brow living

GM: What did your high school guidance counselor tell you to do for a living?

MD: Art

GM: What did you have to give up in order to get where you are in the world of music? Any regrets about that?

MD: I'm sure I could of been working on a Master's degree but instead I was toiling all over Europe and the States in a band I wound up quitting.

GM: Is it totally Lemmy why you use a Rickenbacker bass, because that's what I heard?

MD: I had an SG bass when I first  started . I got my hands on the Rick and we have been together ever since. I just love the tone.

 Lemmy of course, leads by his example . He has an unorthodox style 

GM: How in the world did you concoct NWOBHM Rock'n'Roll and how did you convice other guys to be a part of this?

MD: I didn't do anything,. I just got together with two like minded musicians, The Major Nelson and JJ and the ideas just gelled. 

We all grew up with punk/hardcore and Metal of all forms. So when we get together to create it was perfect.

GM: Mike Watt used to talk about not being able to write songs on the bass so he wrote simple chord songs on the guitar, do you have that same issue?

MD: Nelson and I collaborate on the musical songwriting together. 

It's really hard to write heavy metal like this just on the bass. I am no Steve Harris. 

The Major is so goddamn gifted as a player and a lead guitarist.

GM: Do you have a security blanket on stage?
MD: Not anymore really. It's second nature to perform.

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