Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Album Review: "Greed Heritage" by Blunt Knife Idol

Greed Heritage
Let's talk about some Dutch.

We could be going dutch, supporting the orange, jumping rope, or more logically we could be talking about some brutal metal.

I'd also like to point out that I am still angry at Robin van Persie. Why did you quit the Arsenal so soon?

Somebody really needs to tell me what's going on over there in the Netherlands. They are kicking out more thundering metal per capita than any other nation on the planet.

It really seems like England and Sweden really have to play some catch up at this point!

The music contained within our new friends' debut record borrows far more from the small Island of England than it does from the mainland of Europe. There is nothing remotely resembling the Gothenburg Sound here.
Blunt Knife Idol plays Grindcore.

It's not a sub-genre of music I talk about much honestly. Even when I list the metal sub-genres I accept, I don't mention this one, even though I do accept it as a valid one.

Which came first death metal or grindcore? That's a good question, but I think the overwhelming consensus is that Napalm Death is the very first grindcore band, and even though they've got no original members, they're still going strong.

(Side note: Carcass's Bill Steer was once a member of the band who performed live on Craig Charles's TV Show. What's That Noise? Later Charles tried to use Napalm Death again for Red Dwarf, but got Carcass, including Steer, instead.)

However, let's discuss Greed Heritage.

Vocally, the band clearly leans on the modern Napalm Death style of vocals. Titanic sounding. Overdriven. Just frankly inhuman.

Grindcore is often likened to a punk version of extreme metal and often comes with very short songs. Blunt Knife Idol does that sometimes, but  not at others. They seem to feel that when they've said their piece that it's time to hit stop.

It keeps the listener on edge, especially the song with the Stairway intro into thunder. It clocked in at about 16 seconds, but others go on for three to four minutes.

The drums and the guitars are what carry this album. They have more groove than they should be allowed and hold this all together without any flashy showing off.

Grindcore exemplified. This is the album to use to introduce grindcore to your friends.

Release: Out Now!
Genre: Grindcore
Label: Herrie Records
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