Friday, May 15, 2015

Album Review: "Love and Other Tragedies" by Roger O'Donnell with Julia Kent

Love and Other Tragedies
Honestly, this is a day that I could never imagined coming.

I am no fan of The Cure. Most of my recollections about said band mostly are about the lead singer.

I don't even know if the things we spouted out at each other were remotely true, so we'll leave those to the annals of our shared history, that we being my college band.

I started this blog partly to record my reawakening to new music, and this is definitely something that's new to me.

So, to clarify, Roger O'Donnell is the keyboardist for the aforementioned Cure. He's brought along with him a cellist named Julia Kent. Both artists  have achieved a measure of success without the other and they have come together to create an instrumental album unlike anything I have ever heard.

Roger O'Donnell
Let's get this out of the way first:

This is no Cure record or anything remotely similar.

All there is on this album is a piano and a cello.

The appear to be having a conversation about their travails.

Kent's cello strains appear to be dominating the conversation, but the echoing piano refuses to be shut out.

The music does not ooze virtuosity, but beauty. In this modern world of the electric guitar we often forget that it's a stringed instrument and the power of the strings is lost in the high gain of rock, metal, and even blues.

The instruments on this record aren't drowned out by self-indulgent singer, an over zealous drummer, or faulty mixing. The notes have room to breathe and reverberate on the tracks.

Though the set up and tone never change, it's never boring and the playing abhors monotony. When things almost start to seem repetitive, the melodies change up and begin anew.

O'Donnell's choice to record with Kent was stunning and they've crafted a gorgeous collection of songs.

Release: 5/29/15
Genre: Chamber Music
Label: 99X/100
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Julia's Facebook Link

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