Monday, May 18, 2015

Album Review: "Dirty Spliff Blues" by Left Lane Cruiser

Dirty Spliff Blues
I'm often surprised at how long I've been writing these reviews. These started  nearly 3  years ago in 2012.

It's now gotten to the point where I've reviewed some bands multiple times and for Left Lane Cruiser, this is their third album to be reviewed on these pages.

For the new rhythm section, it's their second time.

So, something happened. In the two years since the last Left Lane Cruiser album, drummer/vocalist Sausage Paw Beck decided to leave the group.

In his stead, half of his side project joined Left Lane Cruiser.

I'm a bit shamed to admit that I hadn't heard about this changing of the guard, but I was certainly interested to see what it would do to the sound of the band I've known so well.

Left Lane Cruiser 2015
I imagine that anyone who's been a fan of Left Lane Cruiser would be curious to know what's become of the pyschobilly blues duo.

First of all, Pete Dio has taken over on drums and Joe Bent is playing bass, skateboard guitar, and tossing in some vocals for good measure.

This addition has made a significant change to Freddy J IV's guitar playing.

In previous albums, he played with reckless abandon filling up as much space as he could with his six strings.

His guitar work is still as wild and fuzz drenched as it ever was, but it seems to have more focus now. It swings better than it ever has and the "melody" breaks when Bent comes in on his skateboard just explode out of your speakers with a furious energy the likes of which I'd never known from Left Lane Cruiser.

I said on their last album that Left Lane Cruiser has yet to make their definitive album, well that day may have finally come. This is their best release yet.

Release: 6/16/15
Genre: Pyschobilly Blues
Label: Alive Naturalsound

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