Monday, May 4, 2015

Album Review: "Reflection" by Cave of Swimmers

Another day and another album.

As I come in contact with more and more varieties of music, I begin to think that perhaps the vast amounts of subgenres isn't necessarily all that bad of a thing.

Lately many different kinds of music have crossed my desk and I'm often left wanting for a name for the style. I know many folks aren't too jazzed on being put into a box, but I think it helps listeners determine what they're going to hear.

In this case, I don't know what these guys are.

Today we're considering the sophomore release by Cave of Swimmers. Reflection is their follow up to their self titled debut.

It's interesting to note that this group is a duo. I think it's pretty clear that our new friends are multi-instrumentalists. GE and Toro have been friends since their formative teenage years in Venezuela and came to America together to continue their music.

Cave of Swimmers
For lack of a better term, Cave of Swimmers is a progressive metal duo, but after hearing the record, I think that term is still so limiting.

I've never heard a song that goes from palm muted power chords into the congas without missing a beat.

I suppose it is progressive music, but I honestly would stop at calling it proper metal.

The album has some of the best production values of anything I have heard this year. The guitars are full and ringing. The drums are right there. This album just sounds totally awesome. There will be no one in 15 years saying Reflections has great songs but it sounds like crap.

These fellows are able to fuse music together that literally makes as much sense as Korean BBQ Tacos, but it tastes great. (Unlike the latter thing.)

From Joe Bonamassa style blues shredding, into thick chugs, into the congas, and into straight up sludge metal.

Nothing is ever really the same way twice.

Reflections will challenge how you feel about music. It's truly unique.

Release: 5/4/15
Genre: ???
Label: DIY
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