Monday, April 6, 2015

Album Review: "Lowest Level Reincarnation" by Treedeon

Lowest Level Reincarnation
Once more into the breech I go.

Germany seems to be pumping out a lot of quality music these days and large swaths of it are funneling my way.

If you include the Netherlands, (they're close right?) we're looking at piles of quality tunes coming out from the Germanic peoples.

As I like to keep things a bit mixed up, we're looking at something different that I honestly should pay a bit more attention to...Sludge metal.

But who is Treedeon? Well, to being with, they're a brand new band from Berlin, Germany and they're a super group of sorts. The members came from Ulme and Jingo de Lunch.

 Let's not dwell on their past, but now onto their present.

The songs are slow, plodding, and long. Fans of Electric Wizard know what I'm talking about here.

These are not hyper technical epics that feature players determined to light the world, as well as their fretboards, on fire.

Fans of Karma To Burn know what I'm talking about here.

These songs are based off the riff and the vocal.

The riffing features usage of the wah wah pedal I can only dream about. Though that pedal is getting a 50 minute long workout, it never seems overused or stale. The bigness of the effect creates a drone that only enhances the gritty, lunch pail guitars.

This album is a bit unique vocally for a metal act, because it's very rare to hear such anguish in a metal album. The pain is not only evident, but it's real. Secondly, there are two vocalists which give this a nice change of pace like Kiss used to great effect in the Seventies.

Though this band is hardly peopled with virtuosos, they have two very strong attributes:

Firstly: They can write songs.

Secondly: These people were born to be in a band together.

Release: 4/7/14
Genre: Sludge Metal
Label: Exile On Mainstream
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