Monday, September 11, 2017

EP: "Terminal" by Horse Head

Today on the Nerdist Podcast, I was listening to the audio of Talking With Chris Hardwick featuring Dominic Monaghan.

At the end of the episode, they began talking about video games and how as we all age, it gets harder and harder to really play video games.

How many times have we popped in a game and thought to ourselves, ok, enough with the talky talky bits, let's please get to clobbering time!

Honestly, I never did get to clobbering time in Dragon Force on the Sega Saturn.

Their conversation moved towards horror games, like Silent Hill. Monaghan spoke of playing that game with Elijah Wood back in the Lord of the Rings Days. Minutes would go by and nothing would happen, but then BOOOOOOOOM and he was terrified.

Horse  Head
That's kind of the problem with doom metal and well lots of metallers out there.

Well, not that thing I said, but the reverse of that thing I just said.

Certainly there's the progressive left turns metal bands take.

No one who's heard as little as half of a record of death metal is unaware of the interstitials at the beginnings of albums

Let's not even talk about the calming acoustic guitars before the boom is properly lowered.

None of those things are...unexpected or unnerving because they're wholly expected. What if a band could start off a song in one sub-genre of metal and then punch you in the face with another, more extreme sub-genre of metal?

This is precisely what Horse Head does. Their left turns aren't on any map that's been written. No sane cartographer or composer could initiate this music.

It's heavy, progressive, but most of all it's a fresh take on heavy metal. This is why you're now tasked with purchasing it.

Release: 10/06/17
Genre: Sludge Metal
Label: DIY

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