Friday, September 22, 2017

LP Review: Lords of Light and Thunder" by Archons

Lords of Light and Thunder
For the entirety of existence, I have been a nerd. It's only been in semi-recent  years that this could be admitted publicly.

Dungeons & Dragons, Video Games (often in Japanese), reading (the list of Star Trek books read by me is staggeringly impressive), and any other nerdy thing you can name.

I've done it.

With nerds, yes we can smell our own, but some of us, are spectacular at hiding their nerdiness. Robert Plant is one of those guys.

One of the forefathers of metal was an epic level fan of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. How many different nerdy things did Black Sabbath deal with? (Yes, Mythology in general is another wonderfully nerdy pursuit.) Who can forget, Ronnie James 'MF' Dio...

 The symbol of Dungeons & Dragons metal?

I will put it to you now, that even Carcass was nerdy.

Is this why Nerd Metal doesn't exist? Because it's just been so accepted over the years that metal will delve into these territories so effortlessly?

Well, what if a band was willing to let their geek flag fly?

Hailing from San Diego, CA (home of The Comic-Con), let's talk Archons.

Much like the Alpha and the Omega (Sabbath and Zeppelin), Archons are sludgy and nerdy.

Now, just being one of my people isn't enough to be lauded upon these pages.

As strange as it sounds, it's hardest for a metal band to be covered here because there just are so many. So, what do Archons do well?

To begin with, variety. There's no way to convey to you the breadth of the vocal deliveries here, so we'll just say that they're awesome and metal.

Lords of Light and Thunder is a dynamic album that never repeats. How many times have you  heard a metal band have two or three songs that sound...well strikingly similar around the end of side A and the beginning of side B?

Archons do not do that.

Look, the best way to put this is that you just need to put on your intergalactic space suit and get ready to be picked up by the transporter beam. Your quarters on the USS Enterprise are ready to go.

Release: 10/20/17
Genre: Sludge Metal
Label: DIY

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