Wednesday, September 6, 2017

LP Review: "Zaul Mos" by Syn Ze Sase Tri

Zaul Mos
These days, my life is a primarily urban existence. My home is in the City of St. Louis. My job is in the suburbs, but not in the country.

That's my personal preference as an aging human in the United States. Having a better train system would certainly enhance the experience, but let's not get too greedy right?

My youngest days were spent very differently though. The family is now scouting out Missouri's State Parks and the little short girl who lives in my house is shocked to find out how much of my time was spent in the woods or on lakes.

When I was coming up, my house in Ballwin was surrounded by dense forests that stretched for miles. My cousins and I could actually walk to each others houses via the trails in the woods. The creek, the paths, the snakes...they all left indelible marks on me.

Syn Ze Sase Tri
When that's couple with trips to my grandfather's farm in central Missouri and the woods on his property, my youth was very outdooorsy.

Syn Ze Sase Tri (try saying that three times fast) is a band that's really all over the place.

They're described as Transylvanian Epic Metal Warriors. I'm not sure what that means, but it does catch my interest.

In equal parts they are power metal, death metal, black metal, and progressive metal.

It seems like they missed the boat by not combining doom metal in there doesn't it? Being from Transylvania and not writing doom metal seems strange.

The music is dense. Open Chord Progression afficianados made be a bit disappointed with all of the elements that weave in and out. Listening to these songs is rather similar to tracking the creek in the woods.

As the songs open up, there's always something new to hear and someone new to meet. When the needle rises from the album, you may be tired, but it feels great.

Zaul Mos isn't the kind of album that can be tied up into a nice little package, because it's just so much bigger than that.

Release: 9/29/17
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Code666

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