Friday, September 8, 2017

LP Review: "Blood Feud" by Twingiant

Blood Feud
Being a fan of a band is a lot like being their parent.

We watch the bands grow up. Look at bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, etc... Those bands' first records are nothing at all like what they became in the future.

There's growth and change in every band, sorry AC/DC.

It can be rare, especially in this day and age, to catch on with a band on their debut album. This is the reason why debut records are mentioned so many times when they're reviewed by me.

It's important to know the growth potential in my opinion. Twingiant, they ended up in my universe when they were doing press for their second album, Devil Down

Since then, I've added that vinyl to my collection, seen them in concert, interviewed them more than once, and even check out the Split they did with Into The Storm.

Devil Down was their sophomore album, traditionally the dud, and it was a great sludge metal record.

It was thick and progressive, not leaning on vocal, but instrumental melodies.

The Split had a couple tracks that were a bit more, shall we say refined, than its predecessor.

Now, we have the third album in their series. Consider the third album by many of your favorite bands. Is this their Master of Puppets or Number of the Beast?

No, because that's a wholly unfair comparison. Both Maiden and Metallica had fully reformed when those recorded. In fact, both were dealing with member changes. (NOTE: For Metallica, Puppets is their first album without any material written by Dave Mustaine.)

Twingiant, like those two gargantuans have done, is growing and changing. On one had, there are groups who improve because of upgrades in the band via new members, but our friends from Arizona don't have that miracle grow.

Instead, they're looking within and cultivating the spark and turning themselves into something bigger and better.

Being fair, Blood Feud is still sludgy, but it's also more nimble. The epic slowness of its predecessor is around, but it's not omnipresent. Those harmonies, those riffy runs...

Twingiant is showing the early stages, but even in these early stages, they've been able to turn in an album that outstrips all of their previous work.

If this is what they can do in the cocoon, what will they be able to do as the butterfly?

Release: 10/13/17
Genre: Sludge Metal
Label : Argonauta Records

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