Friday, December 2, 2016

Split EP Review: "Split" by Twingiant and Into The Storm

My faithful twitter followers will know about my great love of tea.

In fact, I just poured some hot water out of my work electric kettle in order to brew up a strong cup of Japanese Green Tea that I recently purchased at the local Asian grocery store.

Picking out new tea is a lot like picking out music in 2016. Go to Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes, or any place folks pick up music and it's nearly impossible to weed this all down.

Of course there are a couple good ways choosing tea, you could always ask the advice of someone who's had all of those teas. It's also a good idea to pick tea that's made in the same style as one you like. This past trip, I was trying to get a box of Takaokaya green tea that I got in Chicago, but Jay's didn't have it. So I got Tian Hu Shan instead...

It's another Japense green tea. 

But there's also that third option. They also make variety packs of tea. Ahmad Teas has a great 20 pack of afternoon and breakfast teas that I usually grab when I've got go out of town.
Let's talk split EP.

Tridroid Records is releasing a split featuring two of Glacially Musical's favorite sludge bands, Twingiant and Into The Storm.


It's been a little while since we were graced by Devil Down and it's a nice how do you do from Arizona's favorite sons.

These two tracks show a slightly different direction from Twingiant without straying too far from their oily formula. It makes no sense, but these tracks are a bit sloppier while being more precise at the same time. 

The vocals are heavier and throatier. If Twingiant is serious about changing their musical direction, this would be a great departure project. The missing link as it were.

Into The Storm

On the back side of this EP, we have a couple tracks from the recent Into The Storm LP, Where The Merfalo Roam.

After being up close and personal with this album, these tracks, and talking to the band, I'm still not sure what a merfalo is, but I'm damned sure I don't want to be where they are roaming.

For anybody looking to get into either of these bands, this EP is going to give you the goods.

Release: 1/20/17
Genre: Sludge Metal
Label: Tridroid Records
Formats: Cassette/Digital

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