Thursday, December 22, 2016

Interview: Witchmaster

Witchmaster will be releasing a split EP with Voidhanger next month. It's brutal and kvlt and all the things we want out of metal.

Well, Geryon was good enough to answer my questions and the rush of brutal honesty was more than just refreshing.

Check it out before we publish our review of the split next week.

Glacially Musical: Thank you for taking the time to speak to me today.

Witchmaster: Yeah.

GM: Let's talk about you guys a bit first. How did the band come together?

WM: We ve been playing together since 1996 as Witchmaster.

Before that we played together in a black metal experimental band PROFANUM since 1993. We knew eachother for a long time now, we come from the same city.

So its always been hanging around together, partying and causing mayhem on regular basis. Same musical tastes brought us together.

GM: Can you describe your sound and how did you find it?

WM: we play old school black thrash metal.

It has to be fast violent and aggressive, raw sounding and punching in the face. The idea was to play metal like it was meant to be, listen to early sodom and kreator.

It doesnt get any better than that. No fucking about. No soft melodic shit here or technical playing.

GM: What's more prevalent in your music, anger or sadness?

WM: have you taken time to actually listen to Witchmaster? There's no sadness here. No melancholy.

Just fire.

GM: You've got a split coming up with Voidhanger on Third Eye Temple next month. How did it
come about?

WM: We knew Voidhanger guys for a long time and we were looking for a slip LP with someone
and they seemed just about right. Actually it was Inferno's suggestion to do it and we all agreed.

Voidhanger is like a brutal kick in the back of your head when you're biting a curb. It seems like
the LP will be really nicely released, Third Eye Temple is putting some effort into that so watch out
for that one.

GM: You've been at this for awhile, how do you stay motivated to keep it going?

WM: Motivation comes and goes, so its not like we're on it all the time. We had 5 year break
between albums and then another 5 year break.

It's not easy when you live in different countries and everyon has their own shit going on, families, kids, job, or no job even worse, other bands, alimony, tours, drug and alcohol problems, or lack thereof... so we are not in a rush.

We do thingswhen the time is right. We never made any money in Witchmaster whatsoever, but when you play and people go fucking berserk and throw themselves at the razor wire in front of the stage, (it's) this unstoppable energy, thats what keeps me going.

Never stop the madness.

GM: What's the album you've bought this year that would surprise most people?

WM: I dont buy music usually, im sorry to say that. I steal it. unless its vinyl.

But the music that probably would surprise witchmaster listeners would be some experimental jazz im well into or some minimal ambient.

I'm orthodox when it comes to metal, but Im pretty open minded when it comes to music in general.

GM: What are the five most important albums of all time?

WM: In The Sign of Evil by Sodom

De Mysteriis Dom Sathnas by Mayhem

Pain In Progress by Brighter Death Now

Satanische Verse by Das Ich

Streetcleaner by Godflesh

GM: Is the split a teaser for a new album in the near future?

WM: No its not. It;s just some songs we had, but we are definitely thinking about the new LP.
It's going to happen. sooner or later.

You never know what its going to be like, but its a safe bet it's gonna be (a) raw and filthy satanik metal attack.

GM: Is there anything else I didn't ask?

WM: Thanx for your questions, cheers

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