Monday, December 5, 2016

LP Review: "The Tree of Death" by Condenados

The Tree of Death
Aside from a blizzard that traps me inside of my house for just long enough to skive off of a day at the office in the real world...

The best weather patter is a drowsy rainfall, preferably in the summer because it then will cool down some of the terrible heat we experience here in St. Louis.

The lazy rainfalls are the best for sitting out on your porch listening to a sports game or having a beer.

In my house, it's not uncommon for us to sit out there when it's dark and play cards or whatever.

The constant sound of the rain hitting the roof, splashing the ground, making mowing my lawn impossible, and the smell of everything is an experience that is rarely topped.

Codenados hail from the oft forgotten country in South America, Chile.

They play a style of doom metal reminiscent of their brethren from the old world.

The songs are gritty and morose.

There's a strong interplay of chords and melody. They tug on the sound.

Unlike most bands in most forms of metal in this day and age, Codenados's drummer does not employ double bass blast beats. It's worth nothing that a great many of first waves of metal didn't use double bass at all, let alone blast beats.

Their power isn't found in over the top, staccato riffing, or jackhammer drumming, but in the consistency and relentlessness of their songs.

They play together. Each note is a drop of rain that falls. As the songs spin, the ground gets wetter and wetter until the listener is soaked.

Release: 1/13/17
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Shadow Kingdom

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