Friday, December 16, 2016

TLP Review: "Coven, or Evil Ways Instead of Love" by Cultes des Ghoules

Coven, or Evil Ways Instead of Love
Remember when Metallica's Black Album hit?

Well, think back before that album to ...And Justice For All and then think forward (but still back) to the press they did explaining why they weren't writing long songs anymore.

Lars explained about how they had taken that whole mini-epic thing as far it could go. This was a statement that had me totally confused.

Those songs were pushing TEN MINUTES. How in the world could these be seen as mini epics?

How little I knew, but let's remember that this was not only pre-YouTube but pre-internet. Prog was a movement whose day had been done for well over a decade so it wasn't like  Yes was being played on the radio.

Let's be quite clear before this goes any further.

Cultes des Ghoules have written some epic damned tracks here. The final track, Satan, father, savior hear my prayer... is the second longest song ever to grace my ears for review.

Dear Insanity by Eye of Solitude still holds that title. However, this is the longest album that has been reviewed on this site.

It's a five track triple LP.

That gives it the lowest track to disc ratio I have seen, save the aforementioned Eye of Solitude release.

This is the first significant instance of progressive black metal that I have personally come across and I would wager that every listener would probably feel the same way after finding themselves in this blasphemy for well over 90 minutes...

Each song feels like its own album with ups and downs. These aren't one riff or even one idea songs. Every single track is truly a world unto itself.

Ranging from mournful melodies to outright angry chaos, Cultes des Ghoules leave no stone unturned. Due to its shear length, I could only listen to it once before writing the review, but will looking forward to repeated spins to discover all of its secrets.

Release: 2/17/17
Genre: Progressive Black Metal
Label: Hells Headbangers
Formats: 2CD/3LP/Digital

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