Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Top Ten of 2016: Nate from Junior Bruce

"Nate from Junior Bruce was kind enough to take a break from his busy schedule and give us his best of 2016. "

Hammers of Misfortune Dead Revolution

Celtic Power Metal!!!  Even better, 2 of the dudes are also in Slough Feg - which was a favorite of our late drummer Brett Tanner.  (prog celtic power metal)

Red Fang Only Ghosts

We played a few shows with these dues when they were passing thru FL a few years back.  Red Fang continues to impress and show diversity with Only Ghosts.  Great Album!!! (stoner rock, metal)

Iggy Pop Post Pop Depression

Duh, it's IGGY POP!  (ummm  style of IGGY POP?)

Beastwars The Death of all Things

We love Beastwars!  If you haven't heard them yet pick up this album!! These guys are super rad – especially for having only like 2 places to play in their entire country!

The Death of All Things is another bad ass notch in their belt!!  (Sludge/Stoner Metal)

Mondo Drag The Occulation of Light

These guys are cool.  like groovy man!  60's psychedelic and fucking awesome!  We also had the pleasure to jam with these guys earlier this year.

The Occulation of Light will guide your trip to a land where Jethro Tull is Jesus and Bobby Liebling is Lucifer (or is that the other way around?).  (psychedelic rock)

Wo Fat Midnight Cometh


Texas Stoner Rock.

YES!!!  Midnight Cometh makes me want to jump in the van and drive all the way to Vancouver without stopping (well we might have to make a quick stop over in Denver on the way)! (Psychedelic Doom Metal/Stoner Rock)

Gozu Revival

Gozu answers the question, what if Soundgarden was a stoner rock band?  Revival is groovy in all the right ways. (stoner rock)

Kvelertak Nattesferd

Norwegian Metal.  Epic riffs.  RAD!  (Norwegian Metal)

Skraeckoedlan Talisman

(we were going to say Sagor but that was released in 2015... so the Talisman single is our recommendation)

So by the miracles of the facespace I found out about these guys and damn they are awesome!

Talisman is a 2-song release. Talisman is a slow song about who the fuck knows because they are singing in Swedish!!  The more I listen to these guys the more I want to hear!  (Psychedelic Stoner Metal/Rock)

... and finally!!!

Black Cobra Imperium Simulacra

I love these dudes!  In the early days of Junior Bruce I was in a 2pc (plus a singer) band called Vegan Butcher because of Black Cobra! 

Who knew a 2 piece could be so bad ass?  Imperium Simulacra is in heavy rotation on my playlists and is by far one of my favorite of their releases. (Sludge/Doom Metal)

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