Friday, December 2, 2016

EP Review: "Bare Bones Part II: Electric Earth" by The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman

Bare Bones Part II: Electric Earth
The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman.

Well, there's really only one person this could be and that's the man, they myth, the legend.


Seriously, who else is the silver spaceman? Tommy Thayer? I think not.

Just this morning, I was listening to Frehley on the Eddie Trunk show and Frehley mentioned that he had started working on the follow up album, but he didn't say he was ready to go, much less drop an EP!

Wait. This isn't Ace Frehley? So it is Tommy Thayer....god damn it anyway. Well, in the past we've reviewed Tommy  Thayer Cos-Play Tribute Kiss, so I guess I can cover his solo EP...

Obviously NOT Tommy Thayer
Well, regardless of what may have come across in my little preamble, this EP has nothing to with Ace Frehley or Tommy Thayer.

It would be interesting to know why this name was chosen.

So, these tunes have about as much to do with Ace Frehley as Ace Frehley does with Baroque court composition.

The tracks are light and airy full of mostly clean guitar tones. There's a little sludgy, dirty anger at the end of the EP, but for the most part, clean.

This EP will transport you to a dream world, not precisely of magic, unless we're talking about hell from What Dreams May Come... But as long as someone fights hell to save you, it's all good right?

There's some judicious use of the slide guitar giving a Door-esque feeling, from the Strange Days era. There are even times when these songs sound a big like the Doors, but if they were hungover.

If you need something new and different in your life, The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman will definitely give you that. The songs have an eerie quality that will keep you on edge.

Release: 12/2/16
Genre: Psych-pop
Formats: Digital Only

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