Monday, December 19, 2016

LP Review: Self Titled by Uprising

Are you aware that I keep myself fairly anonymous?

For instance, seeing my face is pretty rare and it kind of kills me that I cannot share with you photos of my daughter. She's my absolute pride and that's only for certain people.

So, yes, there is an amount of anonymity from me. If you really look hard, you can find my face and hear my voice though. Especially in my vinyl reviews.

I can't even tell you why I'm keeping my profile low, just that it sucks that it's become my de rigueur. It is truly for the best, but it makes it hard to connect with my readers on social media.

So, sorry that I'm not more personable. It would be awesome if I could tell you that I live in Dutchtown, St. Louis City. (But I that's not where I live currently, but I did in the past!) Even though, my head's kept down, I'm still a bit of a social media gadfly.

Probably Not Uprising
There've been a great many stories of how bands have avoided the limelight going all the way back to Kiss. These days we have Ghost and Sia.

But were any of them truly anonymous?

They tour, etc. If you ask me, they want all of the benefits of fame and adulation without any of the drawbacks, like those Jeremy Irons discussed on the Nerdist Podcast.

There's nothing wrong with that, but Tridroid Records's Uprising wants none of it, save the music. Their Facebook page has no photos or information.

You can only find out about their album.

Their debut record from Germany's Uprising is a chaotic brand of emotive black metal. The hallmarks are there without checking boxes. There are multiple vocal deliveries.

The guitars and drums never stop and feature all the ferocity of a pack of lions. The vocals scream, growl, and wail. There's a touch of death metal to along with the black metal monotones.

This album will grow on you.

Release: 1/6/17 (Cassette)
Genre: Black Metal
Bandamp (digital)
Tridroid Bandcamp

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