Thursday, December 29, 2016

Guest Post: Pissed On's Davin Jones's Favorite Record

Davin Jones of Pissed On
When posed with the question, “What’s your favorite album, ever?”, there are many ways to answer.

Many questions arise automatically: Do I pick the album I listen to the most? Do I pick the album I believe is the most impressive from a musical standpoint? Do I pick the album that has affected my life the most?

It’s a very difficult question to answer. Some people would answer without hesitation because their choice is so dear to their hearts. Some people would never be able to answer because they genuinely listen to so much that they have no defined favorite.

So how do I answer this question?

I chose gorgeous vinyl for you.
My favorite album is Jane Doe by Converge. Released in September of 2001, I was only 11 when this album came out, and yet it still means something to me and my life.

Some people cite this album as what truly brought metalcore to life, some cite it as their favorite hardcore record. Whatever you define this album and Converge, no one in heavy music can refute its importance.

I found this album when I was in high school and was so drawn to it that I listened to it every day, front-to-back, for months on end. It’s how I would start and end my day.

Music takes a whole new role when it becomes a significant part of your life, and this album became my life. This album is what made me want to play heavy music. From the intense and emotional screeches from Jacob Bannon or the intense frenetic and dissonant to simplistic and hard-as-nails riffs from Kurt Ballou or even the lightning quick and accurate drums of Ben Koller, this album was a musical masterpiece.

To this day, you can hear Converge’s influence in bands starting today (my band included). Now, some Converge fans would argue this album isn’t even their best work but this specific piece of art was the catalyst to the sound they carry to this day.

Even the artwork was iconic and is still one of the most recognizable images in heavy music. This album is a testament to hard work and a crowning achievement for artistic vision, with Jacob Bannon creating the art and mixing the album and Kurt Ballou recording and doing pre-production.

Their hands-on approach should be a goal for any up-and-coming band. I must admit, this album may not be my definitive “favorite album of all time”, but it is one I can revisit to this day and feel like a kid again.

The thing about favorite albums is that they’re personal and subjective. No one can tell you that your favorite album isn’t yours, or that you shouldn’t like it. Music is powerful and it’s yours. Make your own music, and make it the way you like. Start a band, write about what you feel, and make it real.

One day you might create someone else’s favorite album and inspire them to do the same.

Jones's Pissed On will be releasing their debut EP on March 17, 2017 on Advocate Records.

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