Saturday, December 31, 2016

Top Ten of 2016: Ross Brown of Vermilion Whiskey

VW TOP 10 2016 In no particular order here is Vermilion Whiskey’s TOP 2016 albums

Mos Generator – Abyssinia

Straight from the opening riff this album rocks your socks off. Tony Reed is a riff wizard and solo style reminds me of Jimmy Paige. This album is masterfully produced with a killer bass tone, tube amp grit, and great balance. Abyssinia has a great flow and can’t wait to see these guys live. A special treat is the last song Outlander, which to me is a huge homage to Pink Floyd and really done right. - Ross

HONKY- Corduroy


Texas superboogie trio brings the heat again with Corduroy. This album has a slower paced feel than its predecessors but rocks none the less. Slightly less gritty and more refined like a mellowed moonshine this album has a great groove from start to finish. – Ross

Wo Fat – Midnight Cometh


Fat and in your face. Midnight Cometh brings you lava hot guitar riffs and insane groove. Wo Fat was one of the first bands to get me into the stoner rock scene and this latest album does not miss. Kent Stump’s guitar style is like a white Hendrix with some major bearded fuzz. The cover art is also killer. Need to get me that vinyl. - Ross

Crowbar - The Serpent Only Lies


Crowbar doesn’t disappoint with another installment of Nola Sludge metal. If you have never seen this band live the energy of the crowd is intense and the guitar tone is absolutely crushing. They always open the show with ‘We are Crowbar from New Orleans and we are gonna kick your ass’ No doubt this album will kick your ass and indeed there is none heavier. We love us some downhome Crowbar. - VW

Toska - Ode to the Author


This is a great album, not sure how many times I repeated listening to this album. It’s full of just about everything (except singing), heavy blast beats to airy and atmospheric cleans. The musicianship on this album is superb. -

Ulcerate – Shrines of Paralysis


There’s a part of me that loves heavy music and Ulcerate brings the heavy, and has a way of keeping things unique and atmospheric in their music as well. Where some bands can get stuck in a rut, Ulcerate just blow the rut wide open with their use of dissonant chords and different time signatures. - Los

Testament - Brotherhood of the Snake 

Three of my favorite musicians (Gene Hoglan, Steve DiGiorgio, & Alex Skolnick) all on one album doing what they do best, thrash metal. Skolnick’s solos are out of this world, he makes me want to put my guitar down haha. The songs on this album are written really well, and the tone of every instrument is something to strive for. - Los

  Deftones – Gore


I have been growing up with Deftones albums since I was in junior high and have never really hated an album they ever put out. You can truly see the progression over the years especially since White Pony changed their sound. Gore is a great album and is produced very well. Props to them for never wavering and staying true to what they want to do. May we be so lucky to have a long career over decades. -TJ

Brain Drill- Boundless Obscenity


I've been a fan since their first album, Apocalyptic Feasting, which came out in 2008, and was very happy with their 2nd album, Quantum Catastrophe in 2010. Fast forward six years to this beautiful 3rd onslaught of technical death metal aptly named Boundless Obscenity, and to me these guys just keep getting better and better. Favorite tracks are the single entitled "Binary Fate," "Aberrant Mutation," and "Infinite Oblivion." Definitely a must listen if you are into the really brutal, technical stuff. -TJ

Vader- The Empire

Not their best album by far, but a great listen for any real Vader fans out there. With this, their 13th album, Vader shows that they still have the chops to keep you satisfied, while changing things up a little bit to suit the present day and age. -TJ

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