Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Top Ten of 2016: Chad from Iron Whip

The south has it in the bag for me this year.

Metal, rock, noise, doom.... it seems whatever you want Atlanta has it. All in all it's a pipebomb of music. Put this list on shuffle at a BBQ and watch people get angry then sad then party uncontrollably while covered in meat and potato salad. (Did I just come up with a treatment for our new video?....hum)

Anyway, lite a match to your shitty life and start over with some rad new music.

In no particular order...

Dead Register - Fiber

This is rainy day music at its finest. Heavy and swooning with loads of textures. It's almost pre requisite that it has to be dark outside to even want to put this on. When you do, make sure you have time to commit to the whole thing. -Atlanta 3 piece. (Neurosis/Cure)

Order Of The Owl - We Have Come For Our Crown

Aside from Sleep, there is none louder. At the top of their game with this release. The best doom ever out of Atlanta. And Brent is way sexy in a woman's neon green bathing suit. -Atlanta (Sleep/Weedeater)

Oathbreaker - Rheia

I saw these guys about a year ago and had never heard them before. I was in the back of the venue when they came on. After the first song I went up front and was floored that such a voice was coming out that that young lady. I was floored. This new record is nothing less than great. Definitely a bit more black metal going on this time around. Not my everyday ear candy but when I want it I'm all in.

Whores - Gold

This album is exactly what I hoped for. With 2 new members formally of The Letters Organize (one of the best bands ever out of Atl in my opinion), their influence has helped make the band a bit more chaotic and faster. This is definitely a different chapter for Whores. While the cornerstone is still Christians massive guitar tone and feedback, it's evident that this is a new version all together. I like it just as much as the other records. I suggest getting them all. -Atlanta (Unsane/Jesus Lizard)

Big Jesus - Oneiric

This record really reminds me of the 90's. In such a good way. Huge guitars , great riffs, catchy hooks. Stoked to see what happens next for these guys. Atlanta -(Jimmy Eats World ish?)

The Powder Room - Lucky

I hear they recorded this themselves. It's fucking great. I love Nirvana, Sonic Youth, and Failure. These guys have found a way to mix it all. Also, a very expensive album cover. -Athens, Ga.

Sumac - What One Becomes

I'm a fan of Aaron Turner. He seems to always do what I hope to hear. Dynamics, noise, textures, and yelling. Sumac is nothing short. 

Every Time I Die - Low Teens

I fucking love these guys. When I hear them I feel like a kid again. One of my favorite lyricist in rock. Always bringing big riffs and massive breakdowns. Long live ETID!

Dillinger Escape Plan - Dissociation 

I think the world needs this band. It sucks this is their last record. They continue to remind me that there are no rules in art. They put it all out there no matter what. This album remains in their pocket. Their pocket is on fire. 

Red Fang - Only Ghosts

Best videos in rock. I feel like these guys wake up just to entertain themselves. It also helps that they rock. I wanna listen to this while riding in a Camaro bashing mail boxes with a bat.

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