Friday, December 9, 2016

LP Review: "Retro. Revamped." by Whiskey Kiss

Retro. Revamped.
Ice cream is a big deal in our house.

There is absolutely no time that we do not have any and that we are not eating it.

Mint Chocolate Moose Tracks is the preferred flavor in our home twixt myself and the little short girl who lives in my house.

This is the supreme flavor of ice cream because it is fully formed. There's no need to add stuff to it, on top of it, etc.

Chocolate sauce, M&Ms, Magic Shell (save caramel), whip cream, or any other thing you put on ice cream is overkill. Mint Moose Tracks are full of every bit of those toppings, but it's all swirled in there ready to go.

My wife, disagrees, as is her wont. Recently, the family had a carton of Mint and a carton of Peppermint Moose Tracks. She put magic shell or chocolate syrup onto her ice cream and then the aforementioned short girl who lives in my house did the same thing....

Whiskey Kiss
Instead of overindulging on added sweets, I just put more unadded sweets, i.e. the ice cream, into my bowl and suffered silently afterwards...

But, let's switch gears to music instead of our ice cream habits.

Whiskey Kiss bills themselves, clearly, as a retro band, but what sort of retro band are they?

Instead of a bass guitar, there's a stand up bass. Instead of distortion, there's overdriven fuzz on the guitars.

Instead of chord progressions, there are single note lines that are punctuated with horns.

Let's also take a moment to step out of my normal character and congratulate vocalist, Niki White, on her spectacular performance all throughout this record. Most folks here will know my standard indifference to vocals. It was impossible not to focus on them as her pipes are big, strong, and throaty.

What's really great about Whiskey Kiss is their lack of a direction. Many times this will come across as unfocused, but it works for them. It's like they really want to meet you, but they've only chosen a time and not a place.

Release: 12/10/16
Genre: Americana/Jazz
Label: DIY
Formats: CD/Digital

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