Friday, September 15, 2017

LP Review: "New Beginnings" by Radio Moscow

New Beginnings
Radio Moscow is a pretty special band to me. Around six or seven years ago now, when my personal musical reawakening was taking place, James Leg, formerly of the Black Diamond Heavies, led me to Alive-Natural Sound.

This particular rabbit hole eventually led me to The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz by Radio Moscow.

There's no question that everything they've done since then has been through my ears and blown my mind.

It was always cool seeing them as part of my favorite record label, but times, they are a-changin'.

New Beginnings is Radio Moscow's major label debut. So, the band that only a few of my friends had heard of will no longer be our secret. They're being exposed to the whole wide world now. Before writing this review, I had to listen to L!ve In California on vinyl again....

Century Media has taken over for this album, and presumably the next few as well.

So, to start off, the beauty that is this band has not changed one iota. The swirling guitars, the groove laden bass, the Bill Ward/Ginger Baker's all still there.

As always, Parker Griggs shines as not only a guitarist, but a songwriter. The songs are getting tighter, punchier, and more hooky.

That's no mean feat for a band that's got more hooks than a Peter Pan Convention.

This album also sounds phenomenal. That's the benefit of the major label versus the indie. The albums always sound better.

So, after years of this, Radio Moscow has still continued to improve and grow. Century Media has helped the band get better and cleaner.

This is a band that you kind of know what they're going to give you, but it always sounds fresh and new.

Release: 9/29/17
Genre: Fuzz Rock
Label: Century Media
Formats: LP/CD/Digital

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