Monday, November 26, 2018

EP Review: "Toad King" by Goblinsmoker

Toad King
What is it about the old music that many music fans who've chosen to get out of the pool love so much?

Is it that deliciously fat fuzz tone?

Well, it's your lucky day if you're that kind of music fan. The one, that I probably just made up. The basis of the Goblinsmoker sound is that thick, creamy fuzz made ever so famous by countless bands.

The vocals are pained.

The guitars are unrelenting.

There's the ever lovin' swirl that I just can't stop loving.

It's amazing how much of a psychedelic feel Goblinsmoker has created on Toad King without any real hints of a psychedelic sound.

The stoner metal convention of stepping on the wah wah pedals for the duration of the record was deemed superfluous in this case.

It's heavy. It's slow. It's supremely laden in groove. It's hard to take the kind of songs they're writing and get the listener to bounce along, but there's a exaggerated swagger that makes everything happening doubly important.


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