Wednesday, November 7, 2018

LP Review: L'appel Du Vide" by Space Coke

L'appel Du Vide
Ok, you have my attention, Space Coke. Apparently, this band is from the United States. Their album cover and title surely make me think they're from England...again back to the cover...

It's a knight who looks to have been offed during the Wars of the Roses, but it's all good.

Recently, I got metalplained on the internet about how Blue Cheer is metal. They aren't, but what if they were?

Well, they still wouldn't be Space Coke, but it's the beginning at least. There is an organist in this band. It's especially noteworthy, because when's the last time you saw that?

If you dig that Hammond Organ sound, this album is gonna scratch that itch we both have. I'm with you. Gimme dat swirl. Space Coke's songs aren't built around the organ, but neither is it hidden.

These songs certainly aren't Rush, but the textures created are thick, fuzzy, and a just a little bit caustic. They layer their songs and everybody takes a turn. Everybody shines.

L'appel Du Vide is kind of like what might have happened if Iron Butterfly lived up to their  name and reputation...except that presumably, Space Coke isn't so stoned they could say Garden of Eden would it have been required of them.


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