Friday, November 2, 2018

Split LP Reivew: "Rope Enough For Two" by Dayglo Mourning/Bludy Gyres

Rope Enough For Two
Recently, both Dayglo Mourning and Bludy Gyers spoke with me about various things, but today it's time to consider their music.

For starters, Rope Enough For Two is a split LP which is one of my personal favorite things. From a dollars perspective, it's a great value. An EP on vinyl and an LP usually cost the same. So, double your fun and get two bands.

Dayglo Mourning has an amazing name. It doesn't really describe the band. It evokes a jokey quality to me, and they're straight doom. This is the kind of doom metal that's so dirty, you can smell it.

Our unhappy friends, have three tracks over side one of the record. Now, it'd be improper to claim any sort of amazing renaissance of doom metal here. There's no revolution. They create an atmosphere. Which, when it comes to doom, what else is there to want?

The vocals are semi-shouted. The guitars have more fuzz than my cats. Then, there's the pacing. It's just slow enough to be plodding. This is the doom metal we're looking for.

Bludy Gyres takes a different path on their side of the Split. Instead of a three pack of songs, they chose to grind out one epic seventeen minute track.

It takes about five minutes for the song to get truly started. It starts with a low level explosion into some solo-ish guitar. It's gritty and never self-indulgent. Imagine Warning, but almost twice as long, and with way more of the band being involved.

The riff is a wobbly, reverby, swerve. If you try to move along to it, you'll probably get dizzy and hit your head on your desk. I'm not saying that happened to me, but still.

Then there's the crunchy chunks nestled in between the vocals and the swerve. But don't worry, that's the just beginning. Check it out.


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