Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow with The Bloody Hell

The Bloody Hell
Talking today to The Bloody Hell. If you're not following them on FACEBOOK, now would be the time.

You can also get your streaming on if you wanna....BANDCAMP.

But in the meantime, let's talk about the most extreme of the metals...


1. In 1982, we all thought Quiet Riot was metal if you were 7 like I was. Who was your first Hair Metal band?

The first hair metal song I remember loving was  "We're not gonna take it " by Twisted Sister, I saw the video at a young age and loved it, although I was kinda scared of Dee Snider.

2. Who's in your Hair Metal A-List and why?

Motley Crue - Pound for Pound probably has the most memorable songs.

Van Halen - Can't ignore how revolutionary Eddie's guitar play is/was.

Bon Jovi - If they count as hair metal then definitely worth a mention.

Twisted Sister - to this day still love the video and song We're not gonna take it. That drumbeat is iconic.

3. To me, there's no Hair Metal track better than Unskinny Bop. This is science. That song is so lovably terrible that it shakes your butt for you, but what's your favorite?

If we are talking terrible good then its got to be Cherry Pie by Warrant. Honorable mention to Whitesnake for "here we go again" or whatever its called.

4. What's the most cringe-worthy interview/video/moment from back in the day?

Tough call, cocaine is a hell of a drug.

5. What's the best Hair Metal studio and live album?

Decade of Decadence by Motley Crue takes the live cake for sure, For a studio, it's hard to ignore Pyromania by Def Leppard ...

Are they hair metal, they had big hair and spandex, although not as edgy as their peers, I'm still lumping them in, and giving props to that album.

6. What killed hair metal?

Nirvana is the obvious answer, but I think it just got too bloated and up its own ass by the time the 90's hit and music loves were ready for something more simple and real from their rock music. 

Every party has to end, but man it was wild while it lasted 

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