Thursday, February 6, 2020

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow with Third Chamber's Jamie McIsaac

Calgary, Alberta's old school death metal band, Third Chamber has released their debut EP, Harvesting Our Decay.

"Musically the EP is a journey through the history of old school death metal with interludes of more modern death metal aesthetics. 

Lyrically the release touches on the problems we see on constant repeat in today's modern plugged-in society."

Check it out on BANDCAMP.

For now, let's talk about Hair metal.

1. In 1982, we all thought Quiet Riot was metal if you were 7 like I was. Who was your first Hair Metal band?

Hmm, I guess it’d have to be twisted sister. When I was about 8 or 9 so about 1991-92 I heard “We’re not gonna take it” and it made me feel like I didn’t have to listen to my parents anymore hahaha however that did not go well for me.

2. Who's in your Hair Metal A-List and why?

I think the top 3 would have to be #1 Van Halen, one of my dad’s favourites. It seemed to always be playing in the background of my early childhood. 

My parents used to put on Jamie’s crying when I’d have a fit as a toddler. Somehow even with the mockery and humiliation, I still love Van Halen to this day. I had the self-title CD from 1978 in my truck for like 6 months straight after buying it at a used record store a few years ago. 

The first 4 tracks are just timeless and well, still really got me now haha #2 Twisted Sister because they were one of my first and one of the oldest.

#3 would have to be Europe. The final countdown was the theme song for a tour I did with one of mine and Jay and Dustin’s old bands, Razorwing, back in like 2009. Classic anthem while cruising from city to city.

3. To me, there's no Hair Metal track better than Unskinny Bop. This is science. That song is so lovably terrible that it shakes your butt for you, but what's your favorite?

Agreed and very well put. Unskinny Bop is a great song, I do not change the station when it comes on like some might! 

The nostalgic feeling I get when I listen to hair nation or start spinning some of my old hair metal vinyl is unmatched. So many favourites but anything by The Scorpions, Kiss, Van Halen, Motley Crüe. 

If I had to pick one song to have on repeat for a day I’d prob pick Detroit rock city.

4. What's the most cringe-worthy interview/video/moment from back in the day?

Hmm trying to think, I know motley Crüe had some squeamish interviews and live antics. Probably the brawl that broke out during their debut show. 

It’s kinda cool but definitely something I’d never want to happen at a first show or any show haha!

5. What's the best Hair Metal studio and live album?

I’d say Van Halen 1978 and for live Scorpions worldwide live doesn’t disappoint.

6. What killed hair metal?

I don’t think it’s dead but the regression maybe came when heavy metal was re-sculpted with angrier sounding riffs and vocals and hair metal became more of a sub-genre to heavy metal as opposed to when Manowar was the epitome of “heavy metal."

This is just my highly uneducated opinion. Steel Panther, Motley Crüe, KISS, Ratt, Poison, Scorpions, they’re all still active and touring and keeping hair metal alive!

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