Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Album Review: "Deathless" by Revocation

Boston's Revocation has been a very active band over the past eight years.

They have released four albums, an EP, and performed countless live shows.

In September, they began a tour with Crowbar to support their fifth album. They will head out on more tours when it's over in Europe and all parts beyond.....

Hopefully they'll be arriving in St. Louis here very soon....

The core of the group was formed in 2006 and from that point, they went on a tear of recording and touring. During this time, they honed their skills as musicians and these days they are among the best in the business.

There is a whole lot of amazing technical work on this record. I could honestly go on and on about how skilled they are as players, but I think that might be a bit boring.

Out of the gate, this album blasts. High octane is the order of the day with Deathless. The tracks are very riffy, there's not a whole lot of chord progressions.

It's a lot like if Tony Iommi were addicted to meth.

Aside from the blazing fast riffage, there's a significant contribution from the drums.

When one of the guitars drops out for a solo, the double bass becomes the second guitar and blasts out the rhythm of the guitars to a wonderful effect.

The songs themselves aren't as heavy as a lot of bands out there. They're in that range between Metallica and Slayer in terms of brutality. Like Metallica, they are very proggy. Well, I suppose like Metallica used to be.

Aside from the pure aggression of metal, they have hooks in the music. I'm loath to say what I'm about to write, but they're not so heavy that they will tune out new listeners, but not so mellow as to alienate the metal faithful.

Plenty heavy.

This album is crafted for maximum impact. Just when I was thinking about how there were no clean notes, they went into clean arpeggios. Then when the song faded out, the next track hit me in the face and we were off to the races again. In the iTunes era we don't get as many albums as we do collections of songs like we used to.

In short, this album features everything I love about metal. Get it now.

Release: 10/14/14
Genre: Metal
Label: Metal Blade
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