Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Album Review: "World Grave" by Death Comes Pale (Re-release)

World Grave
Before we get started here I feel like I should mention that you really need to check out this album artwork.

Metal never gave up on kick ass album covers... I'm not sure why most other genres have really. So take a moment and click it and see what I'm fussing about.

Up for your consideration and my review is the latest album by the Danish death metal band, Death Comes Pale.

I think that's a pretty awesome name. The fact that they come from the most brutal country of Denmark is also pretty cool. Let's not forget that Messirs King Diamond and Lars Ulrich also hail from the tiny country.

It was also the setting of the most brutal Shakespearean play, Hamlet, but these goodfellows aren't connected to any of those things other than by nation....

Death Comes Pale
I'm told that Danish Death Metal is a bit more straightforward and lacking in trend following than that of the other varieties.

I can't speak to that, but I can speak to this album. It does have that modern metal sound. The very crunchy, 5150 sound. 

(It occurs to me that I use that description all the time and I hope others know what I'm talking about....)

Though the guitars have a modern timbre, they have a traditional feeling. Frankly, I'm not sure how much sense that made, but I'm standing by it.

Like the guitars, the vocals are punishing. They charge with freight train intensity. This of course is all over the album. That's what I took away from this record more than anything else, the music is on a collision course with everything.

In terms of technical musicality, Death Comes Pale doesn't do anything spectacularly. Their riffs aren't on par with Bill Steer. Their vocals are standard death metal fare. There are no blazing solos.

There is a goodly deal of varied songwriting, but their strength is in their conviction. That's how they convinced me.

Release: 9/30/14
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Deepsend Records

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