Monday, October 13, 2014

Album Review: "XIII Steps To Ruination" by Annihilated

XIII Steps To Ruination
Annihlated was formed in 2008 by guitarists Eric Mantanga and Robert Fimbres not long after the Los Angeles band, Excretion unraveled.

They desired to make important music that didn't follow the mold and trends of modern metal.

Their lyrical themes rebel against the sheep mentality of society and seek rational thought in regards to our government.

XIII Steps To Ruination was produced by drummer, Scott Fuller and will be released on Unique Leader Records.

The album features cameos from many metal performers like Sven De Caluwe of Aborted, Monte Pittman of Prong, Peter Truax of Vesterian and Eyes of Fire, and Eric Stobel of Plaguereaper.

To say that this album is heavy would be the biggest understatement I could make.

This album is a full on cacophony of metal but built on perfect timing.

The vocals are a chorus. There are always two growls creating an effect of maximum brutality.

It kind of sounds like Carcass through a Peavey 5150 amp on the highest gain setting.

And it just kills.

This album was produced by the drummer, so there is a lot of percussive elements to the record.

The album runs like a German train. It's always headed forward. The songs are held together by an amazing sense of rhythm.

The guitars are styled in the natural twin gun attack for death metal, but instead of two guitars just filling up the same space, there are guitar parts. There's a base rhythm track and a thundering track behind it following the beat.

This album jackhammers away and creates a stupendous fury of sound. There are no lulls in this record.

Release: 10/28/14
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Unique Leader Records
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