Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Human Ruin" by Funerals

Human Ruin
All the way from Portland, OR we have today's band up for review:


Simple and to the point. It's really a wonder that no one has ever used that name for a band before.

Back to Portland. When I think of Portland, I think of the Keep Portland Weird Campaign, "Portlandia," and other goofy things.

Doom metal is about the furthest thing from my mind when it comes to that idyllic part of These United States, but as I kind of would like to live there one day, I'm glad to see there's a metal scene.

I suppose though, in America's happiest city (not intended to be a factual statement), that the weirdest thing you could do is start a metal band.

This album isn't overly brutal.

The vocals aren't growled. They exist in the nebulous area between James Hetfield circa 1984 and Dave Mustaine.

There's a little scream. There's a little grunt, but no growls.

The music is riffy. It's a bit reminiscent of early Metallica with all the instruments playing together, but that's where the Big Four analogies stop.

This EP is short, less than ten minutes long, but there's a lot to say about it.

The songs average about 3:30 each. The music is riffy. The guitars have an interesting shakiness to them. It's hard to place really. The timbre of the music, and the groove of the music, significantly makes me think of Electric Wizard.

I suppose if there were a version of Electric Wizard that didn't smoke quite so much might come out a bit like this. Lyrically, the songs are doomy. The riffing is articulate and not relying long sustained notes.

It's a minimalist album that's finally seeing a proper release and every fan of doom and stoner rock should hear this.

Release: 10/31/14
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Blasphemour Records
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