Thursday, October 9, 2014

"Ecdysis" by Horrendous

Ecdysis by Horrendous
Horrendous hails from the East Coast. This not an area where traditional death bands do not come from.

Philadelphia, PA to be exact. Though this has never been a death metal hotbed, there have been other bands to emerge from the area,

Coffin Dust and Fisthammer certainly are among those bands.

Though after watching as much of The Wire as I've been watching should have taught me that there are some pretty brutal areas on the East Coast...

They are one of the leaders of the traditional death metal revival and today we're reviewing their sophomore release. In the end, will this area of the United States be as revered as Tampa Bay is for Death Metal or as the San Francisco Bay Area is for Thrash Metal?

Time will tell.

This album starts off slow and heavy.

Slow and heavy slays the race.

The guitars are thick and heavy. They even tend to be a bit sludgy.

The vocals sound like pain and suffering.

Striking dynamic changes abound on this record. Unlike many bands in the genre, there aren't blastbeats constantly.

The drums gallop along creating a lurching feeling in the songs.

The speeds are consistently changing. The songcraft on this album is among the best.

The guitars have a great sense of melody. In a genre defying twist, this album has a great amount of melody.

During the vocals, during breaks, and all over the place, there are melody guitars that create roses among the bodies, the daisies growing if you will.

The guitar solos are interesting. If Ace Frehley were a death metal lead guitarist, it may come across like these solos. It should now be mentioned that Ace is my personal favorite guitarist.

After the last chord, the last growl, the last cymbal crash, I can find nothing wrong with this album. It's easily one of the year's ten best.

Release: 10/14/15
Genre: Metal, Death Metal
Label: Dark Descent Records
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