Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Al Insane ... The(Re)Birth of abderrahmane" by Lelahell

Algerian Death Metal.

Please take a moment to let that sink in. I can wait.

Two weeks ago had you said those three words to me, well I would not have believed this existed, but then I received an email from Lelahell.

When I think of their home country of Algeria, I'll be honest, I don't think of death metal but Zinedine Zadane and Samir Nasri (still angry at the latter for quitting Arsenal by the way...).

So needless to say, I was interested in hearing this album. I cannot think of any other metal bands from this area of the world. Please enjoy this brutal export.

This album is extra brutal. If you can think of the most brutal album, this one most likely leaves it in the dust.

It's staggering how much metal they crammed into the ten tracks.

The drums use triggers, but we'll go ahead and let that go because they sound cool.

Along with the guitars they gallop and run. They change up so much, it's hard to keep up just listening!

Lelahell's use of time changes is all over this album. There is an immense amount of precision here. If metal's not precise, well, I dunno what that is.

Beyond the standard growls, supporting shrieks, thundering drums, and metal heavier than plutonium, there's something else lurking underneath.

All musicians carry with them things that are beyond their standard influences. The members of Sepultura were all drummers, the members of System of a Down were from the Middle East, and Metallica is from The Bay Area, and all of these bands bring with them a story that goes deeper than their influences.

For Lelahell, it creates a brand of death metal that sounds like no other. Their native melodies arrive and separate Lelahell from any other metal, much less extreme metal than you've heard.

Release: 8/04/14
Genre: Death Metal
Label: DIY
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